Riverbend Growth Partners is a leading management and turnaround advisory firm that helps businesses improve performance, accelerate growth and maximize enterprise value. We work with business owners, lenders and investors to solve problems with companies that are under performing, distressed or in workout.​

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Our capabilities include turning around performance, improving profitability, growing market share, managing rapid growth, and building enterprise value. Our team is comprised of professionals who have operating experience solving difficult problems and achieving desired results.

Our proprietary Integrated Management System© provides the methodology to proactively manage a business and increase profitability and performance.  Riverbend’s “fact and data” approach focuses the organization on its critical business factors and metrics that drive business performance. We achieve results by working very closely with management to quickly solve the most critical issues impacting current performance, while at the same time teaching the team how to use and evolve the Integrated Management System©.

To improve performance, a business needs more than a methodology. Riverbend provides execution expertise with measurable implementation plans that assign ownership and use business analytics to identify problems and measure progress. We utilize our proven methodologies and tools to execute effective plans that accelerate performance and profitability improvements.



Organizations requiring accelerated change often face challenges that prove to be unfamiliar territory for most management teams. To fill this gap, Riverbend provides interim senior executive leadership. We have extensive experience building high performing teams and business cultures as well as developing and executing business plans that require improved sales/business development growth, cost reduction, margin improvement and profit enhancement.


Enhancing operational and financial performance to improve profitability, accelerate growth and drive higher valuation​​

Identifying and quickly dealing with the issues impacting the economic viability and solvency of the company when time is not your friend

Providing interim senior executive leadership to organizations facing challenges in unfamiliar territory that require accelerated change

Clearly defining where the business needs to head to be successful with an understanding of the time frames and requirements to achieve objectives

Identifying new ways to develop and interpret client "fact and data," strategize, plan, optimize business operations and capture new market opportunities

Enabling M&A advisors and brokers to execute higher multiple transactions for their clients and enhance their overall service offering

Increasing integration success and minimizing risk with due diligence, quality of operations assessments, strategy development and performance monitoring

Ensuring that you are comprehensively prepared for sale in a manner that will enable you to maximize enterprise value

Implementing performance management systems that engage teams and build business cultures based on results, accountability, and over-achievement

Working with private equity firms, investment banks and lenders to quickly get under-performing and distressed companies back on firm ground


Business alignment is the key to growth and profitability

​​Gallup says that highly aligned businesses grow 3.9 times faster and have 72% higher earnings than their competitors!


Our proprietary Integrated Management System© aligns your business with clarity of direction that drives growth, profitability, and higher enterprise value.